Dew Drop Sprinklers and Landscaping has employees trained in a handful of specialized areas of irrigation and landscaping. They include:

Washington Association of Landscape Professionals: All of Dew Drop’s job-site superintendents are licensed by this association.

Certified Landscape Technician: Each technician has undergone a rigorous written and hands-on test.

Landscape architecture: A landscape architect is trained and licensed to design a complete landscape project, with all the needed irrigation, terrain improvements and the best vegetation and materials. Such a professional also handles permitting and other requirements needed to get a project off the ground—or into the ground, as it were. While the company has an in-house landscape architect, it works with other architects if one is already in place on a given project.

Backflow testing: When it comes to irrigation, backflow prevention devices keep contaminated water from coming into a home’s system when something goes awry with the water system. Dew Drop has certified backflow-testing personnel who are trained to provide annual backflow testing, insuring that the system is working as it should.

Hazardous soil remediation: Fortunately, the need to deal with contaminated soil doesn’t arise frequently. When it does, though, Dew Drop can help. The company’s workers are EPA-certified to handle hazardous soils and ground materials.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED): Environmentally responsible construction practices are becoming more popular with consumers and common in the building industry. Some green principles apply to irrigation and landscaping, and Dew Drop has workers schooled on LEED practices.