Imagine the grounds of an office building or a retail center. Envision a retirement facility or a college campus. Each feature that gives the building's surroundings the warmth and vibrancy it possesses starts with the landscape construction. Dew Drop's team of certified construction supervisors and trained technicians can handle conventional landscaping, as well as construction of water fountains, retaining walls, walkways and other features.

  • Complete Landscapes: Professional installation of the most basic landscaping elements can make any project look exceptional. Such basics include the right plants, attractive bark, sod, seeding, dirt and edging.
  • Irrigation systems: Dew Drop's well-trained crews use high-quality systems and parts when installing long-lasting, efficient irrigation systems. In addition to installation, the company offers design and routine service. It also has an expertise in wells and pumps.
  • Water features: The old advertising slogan states that you never have a second chance to make a first impression. And nothing makes an impression quite like an expertly designed, well-built water feature. Dew Drop has the expertise to create that unique, life-enhancing feature, whether it's a fountain, pond or bubbly brook.
  • Outdoor lighting: An important part of any project, outdoor lighting can serve as security for employees, safety for customers or attractive accents for all to enjoy.
  • Excavation and grading: Regardless of terrain, our expert crew gives each project the angles and contours required to make the landscape functional and pleasing to the eye.
  • Retaining walls: Such structures can be as attractive as they are necessary. Working with a variety of brick and stone, Dew Drop can construct retaining walls that complement both the structure and its surroundings.
  • Paver walkways, patios, and courtyards: These attractive features enhance the grounds of any structure. When installed professionally, they are low maintenance, even in high-traffic areas.